For this outstanding collaboration, MW&Co and James Thompson have developed an exclusive intensely glowing new lume dubbed “Palladium Blue”. Embodying the first original creation of the next generation of watches in the world of horological superluminescence, the Asset Black Badger features an innovative use of lume for timepieces. Strictly limited to 10 pieces worldwide.

A unique technology

The uniqueness of our avant garde technique lies in the use of jack lugs, able to adjust to the wrist. They act like shock absorbers providing comfort and safety. In order to integrate this “damper” system all ASSET watches benefit from a unique deconstructed case architecture.


It stands for Adjustable Super Structural Extensible Timepieces.

Our radically unconventional collection offers uncompromising design, sporting an MW&Co timepiece allows to discover a new playful experience on the wrist. Our creations also stand out with their unique fiercely masculine asymmetrical look.

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Exclusive interview with Alain Carrère, co-founder

The brand

Being an independent company gives us a total creative freedom which allows us to create totally disruptive timepieces. Our driving force is above all passion and the outcome is to be able to share and transmit this passion. Thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen and the excellence of French know-how, our watches are designed, manufactured and assembled in France.


Why a pre-order campaign and why do I have to pay a deposit to reserve a watch?
We are an independent company with limited cash flow, with the pandemic we had to adapt. Since we desire full transparency, as of today, we have funded and have received 50% of the components necessary for the manufacture of the Black Badger edition, the ASSET Black Badger limited edition is only available on our online store, this the reason why we ask your support to validate and confirm the remaining components orders. Not only allowing us to avoid reserving watches for people who are not serious about buying a watch, the deposit also ensures that flippers willing to reserve all watches cannot do so. To save both parties some time and effort, only when 4 customers have confirmed their pre-order, shall we validate and skip to production.


What will be the delivery date?
The length of the pre-order campaign is 2 months, it starts on May 18th 2021 and will end on July 18th 2021. When 4 pre-orders will have been confirmed, we require 16 weeks to receive the remaining parts, assemble and monitor the watches before delivering our customers.

Shortly put, if 4 pre-orders have been confirmed at the end of May 2021, we will be able to deliver the watches at the end of September 2021, on the contrary if the 4 necessary pre-orders are only confirmed at the end of July 2021, we will be able to deliver the watches at the end of November 2021.


What happens to my deposit if you don’t succeed and don’t confirm 4 pre-orders?
If we fail to get the necessary 4 pre-orders, all cashed deposits (held on a separate escrow account) will fully be refunded on July 18th 2021.


Why is the ASSET Black Badger Instagram’s page not accessible to everyone?
Considering there can only be 10 ASSET Black Badger owners, only the members of this exclusive club whom have confirmed their deposit, will have access the Instagram page dedicated to the ASSET Black Badger, they will be able to monitor what is happening in the workshop, the assembly process of their timepiece and see it come to life.

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